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3D Consultation

Vasan Dental provides the first of its kind 3D consultation. This consultation methodology is scientifically verified, evidence-based, and nearly foolproof due to its three steps: radiological assessment, clinical examination, and confirmation, which leave no space for guesswork.

3D Consultation

VASANS Dental offers a one-of-a-kind 3D consultation. This scientifically validated, evidence-based methodology is nearly foolproof, consisting of three crucial steps: radiological examination (Full Mouth X-ray), clinical examination (by our in-house specialists), and confirmation, resulting in precise, guess-free diagnoses.

This session is valid for one year and includes complimentary ultrasonic scaling and polishing, a customized home care kit, and a specific oral hygiene maintenance program to maintain lifelong excellent oral health.

Benefits of Our 3D Consultation:

Accurate Diagnosis: Our advanced imaging technology provides precise and detailed views of your oral structures, leading to accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

Comprehensive Care: The three-step procedure ensures that all elements of your oral health are carefully inspected and analyzed.

Personalized Treatment: Based on the complete examination, we develop a treatment plan suited to your individual requirements.

Peace of Mind: Our evidence-based approach eliminates guessing and ensures you receive the best possible care.