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Vasan Best Impacted Teeth Treatment In Hyderabad

Expert Approach to Address Affected Wisdom Teeth at Vasan Dental Care

Vasan Dental Care in Hyderabad provides professional treatment choices to reduce your discomfort and restore your dental health if the pain and consequences of impacted wisdom teeth trouble you. Our knowledgeable dental staff treats impacted wisdom teeth safely, effectively, and comfortably using modern technologies and techniques.

Understanding Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Usually emerging in the late teens or early twenties, wisdom teeth—also known as third molars—are the last pair of teeth in development.

These teeth may become impacted if the jaw lacks sufficient room for their correct emergence. Many oral health problems including impacted wisdom teeth can arise from:

  • Severe pain and swelling
  • Infections and abscesses
  • Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Cysts or tumors

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Typical indicators of your possible impacted wisdom teeth include:

  • Ongoing back of the mouth ache
  • Redness and swelling about the gums
  • Problems starting your mouth.
  • Bad breath or an unpleasant flavor
  • Pain radiating toward the ear or jaw

Our Impacted Wisdom Tooth Treatment Process

At Vasan Dental Care, we follow a comprehensive treatment process to ensure the best outcomes for our patients:

First Consultation and Examination: To evaluate the location and state of your wisdom teeth, our dentists will do X-rays among other extensive examinations.

Examining the results leads us to create a tailored treatment strategy. This approach can call for the removal of the affected wisdom teeth or other required operations.

Should extraction be required, our skilled oral surgeons will execute the operation utilizing cutting-edge techniques to reduce suffering and hasten healing. For a pain-free treatment, we provide choices in local anesthetic and sedation.

We provide thorough post-treatment care recommendations following a procedure to guarantee appropriate healing and avoid problems. Planned are follow-up visits to track your recovery and handle any issues.

Why Choose Vasan Dental Care for Impacted Wisdom Tooth Treatment?

Our team of dentists has a great deal of expertise precisely and gently treating impacted wisdom teeth.

Modern Technology: We guarantee correct diagnosis and efficient treatment by means of the most recent surgical and diagnostic instruments.

Our patient-centric approach gives sedation choices and individualized treatment plans while first giving patient comfort and safety first priority.

From diagnosis to post-treatment care, we offer a whole spectrum of services to handle all facets of affected wisdom tooth therapy.


It’s also conceivable that your wisdom tooth is affected. This means that the wisdom teeth remain in the soft tissue while partially breaking or erupting through the gum.

If they remain slightly open, bacteria have a significant possibility of invading the tooth, causing infection, swelling in the jaw, discomfort, and overall disease.

Because of the misaligned jaw, brushing and flossing will become difficult, putting the tooth susceptible to decay and gum disease.

There are four sets of wisdom teeth, two in each upper and lower jaw.

People nowadays rarely grow wisdom teeth due to lifestyle changes. This is because the jaws do not develop fully and properly, preventing the wisdom teeth from erupting.

Is it necessary to remove Wisdom Teeth?

It is not required to remove wisdom teeth if they are not creating any complications. They must be retrieved if they are affected or creating crowding. If you don’t remove the wisdom tooth, it will become impacted. Your mouth may not have enough space for it to erupt, causing it to erupt at an incorrect angle and damaging the next tooth.

Your dentist may encourage you to get your third molar removed as soon as possible because as you get older, the bones in your mouth harden, making removal more difficult.

Delays can potentially result in major surgery, extensive bleeding, or even a little loss of movement in your jaw.

Wisdom tooth extraction costs at Clove Vasan Dental

Wisdom teeth can occasionally cause issues. If you are considering wisdom tooth removal and are concerned about the expense, VASANS Dental provides an affordable wisdom tooth extraction surgery in India. The cost of wisdom tooth removal starts at Rs. 6,590. With our dental specialists and oral surgeons, you may enjoy a painless wisdom teeth extraction procedure.

* The final cost of therapy may vary depending on the case.

Questions About Wisdom Teeth Treatment in Hyderabad at Vasan Dental Care

Do wisdom teeth need to be removed?
It depends on how they erupted and grew. In many cases, there is insufficient room in the mouth, resulting in crowding of the impacted wisdom tooth. In such circumstances, the wisdom teeth must be removed. If they grew without difficulty, there is no need.
Do they put you on anaesthesia for the procedure?
Dentists normally prefer to numb the area before removing wisdom teeth, thus they recommend local anaesthesia. If you need them removed, see an expert dentist at your local Clove Dental practice.
How long does the discomfort remain after wisdom teeth are removed?
Wisdom tooth ache may last only a few days. During these days, you must take all required precautions as instructed by your dentist.

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