Atraumatic Extraction in Hyderabad

Atraumatic Extraction

An atraumatic extraction is a tooth extraction procedure that involves removing damaged teeth using specialized tools while inflicting minimal harm or trauma to the surrounding bone and tissues. It’s maybe best described as minimally INVASIVE, which will appeal to anyone struggling with tooth loss, and it’s the technique we take at Eledent dental facilities whenever possible.
An atraumatic approach of tooth extraction comprises the use of physics forceps and a piezo surgical unit to make the post-extraction period painless for a quick recovery.

Atraumatic Extraction in Hyderabad: Gentle and Painless Tooth Removal at VASANS Dental Care

At VASANS Dental Care in Hyderabad, we put your comfort and well-being first, particularly when it comes to tooth extractions. Our atraumatic extraction approach makes tooth removal as gentle and painless as possible. Using cutting-edge technology and perfected processes, we deliver an unparalleled experience for patients requiring tooth extractions.

What is Atraumatic Extraction?

Atraumatic extraction is a contemporary dentistry operation that removes teeth while causing less harm to the surrounding tissues. This procedure focuses on maintaining bone and gum structure, which is critical for individuals considering dental implants or other restorative treatments. We ensure that the healing process runs smoothly and quickly by using specialist devices and techniques.

Why Choose VASANS Dental Care for Atraumatic Extraction in Hyderabad?

Expert Dental Surgeons: Our team of experienced dental surgeons specializes in atraumatic extractions, ensuring precision and care throughout the treatment.

Advanced Technology: We use cutting-edge technology to do atraumatic extractions, which reduces discomfort and promotes faster recovery.

Patient-Centered Care: We are dedicated to creating a relaxing and stress-free environment while answering all of your concerns and inquiries.

Comprehensive Dental treatments: From the initial consultation to post-extraction care, we provide comprehensive treatments to meet your oral health needs.

Benefits of Atraumatic Extraction in Hyderabad

It is extremely advantageous since it helps to preserve as much bone as possible, making it much easier to install dental implants immediately or later after healing. It preserves the jawbone’s full width and height, and nervous individuals may find this gentler method more comfortable. The bone, gum tissue, and other nearby tissues, like as nerves, are less likely to be harmed. Once the tooth has been fixed with a dental implant, the results might be significantly improved.

The Atraumatic Extraction Process at VASANS Dental Care

Initial Consultation

  • Comprehensive inspection and evaluation of the tooth that requires extraction.

  • Discuss your dental history and any concerns or queries you may have.


  • Local anesthetic is used to keep you comfortable and pain-free throughout the treatment.
  • A detailed explanation of the atraumatic extraction procedure.

Atraumatic Extraction

  • Specialized devices are used to gently loosen and remove the tooth.
  • Focus on protecting the surrounding bone and gum tissue.

Post-Extraction Care

  • Detailed aftercare guidelines to enhance healing and avoid problems.
  • Follow-up appointments were scheduled to monitor the recovery process.

Why We Are the Best for Atraumatic Extraction in Hyderabad

At VASANS Dental Care, we strive to provide the best atraumatic extraction services in Hyderabad. Our skilled team, innovative equipment, and patient-centered approach ensure that your tooth extraction goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible. We attempt to make every dental visit comfortable and enjoyable, focusing on your oral health and general well-being.

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  • Most effective for restoring form and function.
  • Conservative - unlike a dental bridge, there is no need to trim or harm adjacent teeth.
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  • True tooth-like prosthetic.


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